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Cultivation, drilling & grassland care

Cultivation, drilling & grassland care

The latest equipment to ensure maximum cultivation results

At D & W Agri Contracting, we operate an extensive range of cultivation and drilling equipment capable of carrying out any job. We have the knowledge of experienced operators to advise the best solution for your farm to allow the best possible results. 

To find out more, contact us today on 01461 800322 or email office@dwagri.co.uk.

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Our ploughing equipment:

  • x2 Kverneland 5 furrow ploughs

Secondary cultivation equipment:

  • x3 power harrows

Drilling equipment:

  • x2 Amazone 3m combination drills
  • x1 Grass seeding drill (tine air)

Grassland subsoiling equipment:

  • x1 sumo subsoiler
  • x1 topper

Rolling equipment:

  • x1 flat roller
  • x1 cambridge roller

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